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    How long does it take to charge a 5000mah 60c 4s 14.8v lipo at 6amps an hour?

    I need to know how long it takes to charge a 5000mah 60c 4s 14.8v lipo at 6amps an hour?

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    How many c's or cells don't matter as much. We can agree that a milli equals 1/1000 yes? It will be 5000(milli-amps/hour)/6 amps = 5 (amps/hour)/ 6 amps = 5/6th of an hour in theoretical charge time. So 50 minutes.
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    I suppose we are assuming a Traxxas EPP+ charger. It has an 80W limit, which you are ignoring. The peak amps will be 80W/16.8V, or 4.76A. Now the answer is about an hour if fully discharged.

    Charging higher cell counts is an area that the cheaper 50W battery cookers and even the not-so-cheap multiport chargers lag far behind quality, single-output chargers.
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