Hey guys. I have a Rustler VXL (obviously) and I want to get some parts for it. Specifically LiPo battery, LiPo charger, street tires, and off-road tires. I was wondering if you could recommend some parts for me. For the battery, i was looking for around the 2S 6000mAh range. I like the traxxas one, but was wondering if there were any better ones. And the charger must have a balancer built in. Also for tires, I was looking at the Jaco foam tires for the street. I've read great things about them. Especially how they have no ballooning. And I don't really know what i want for off roads. Just really good off-road tires that work well on grass. And for those tires, they have to be mounted and glued, and be very close to or the same size as the stock ones, and I need front and rear for street, but just rear for off road. And if you feel there are any other necessary parts that I need, feel free to include those.