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    Need help with off road traxxas slash gearing

    I just started racing off road on a local indoor pure red clay hard packed track. I am having traction problems,I am running JCONCEPT Barcodes Green soft compound. Every one else is running Barcodes and doing fine. Yet I still have traction probs. Slipper adjustment does not help,shouls I use another spur pinion combination other than 86/19? I am running Castle Side winder and 7.4 30c lipos, any help would be great. THANK YOU BTW My Slash is 2wd.
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    I use 50 w in the front and 60 w in the rear shocks.
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    Try moving the shocks to the outer holes... the farest ones out for the rear shocks, it helps it give it a "firmer' and more soild grip to the tires, and 50 wt shock oil like vchiroins said will help too! Hope this helps!
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    Are you having traction "grip" problems or are you "spinning/wheel slip? And what motor are you using?

    J Consepts also makes a super soft compound as well, are the other guys using the same compound as you?

    I run the same gearing you have mentioned and also 19/90 but I have a Castle Sidewinder (SV2) 5700 kv 4 pole motor.
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