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    More fun...

    Hi guy, just wondering what you guys consider more "fun". the only upgrade I have at the moment is the battery. Since the boat got faster compare to use standard battery, the boat is a lot more unstable, that I'm worried it will flip. I know I'll need to tune it more with trim tab and maybe bigger rudder.
    But I'm wondering any if you have managed to have upgraded motor and esc and still able to keep the manvuability as if it was all stock?

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    Using a LIPO Battery would be a big difference vs the NIMH OEM Batteries, try to be gentle on the trotle to prevent chine walk (boat swinging side to side) if you can't handle it, try adding another set of TRIM TABS, flipping the boat on a high speed is normal you should adjust your driving style thru turn and proper acceleration. Learn the proper handling and adjustments that suites you before you go further on another upgrades

    Happy Boating

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    No need to upgrade the motor or ESC, you just need to beef up the rest of the boat, check out all the threads in the forum, lots of good info. In short, I reccomend a dual pick up rudder, metal cooling jacket for the motor, dual water outlet, extra set of trim tabs. Oh and the stock driveline wont last long on the 2 x 3s Lipos. I reccomend upgrading to a .187 flex shaft or a .087 wire drive. If you do either of those, you will need to make some other changes too, all of which are outlined in many of the threads here.

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