Before anyone starts in on me, i know the forum rules. Traxxas equipment only. But the story ends up with me purchasing a new Traxxas EZ peak dual blah blah blah that i may or may not need. My current charger, which shall remain anonymous, was being used out on the lake running our
Spartans, (traxxas lipos 3s)
and my less than intelligent uncle-n-law, decided to hook the aforementioned charger up across 2 different batteries in the golf cart resulting in a 24v power surge, smoke, charger goes off, unhook and start cussin. Now that i calmed down, i very cautiously hooked the charger up using the power supply and everything
seems to work. all settings still there. I have a Nimh 7 cell traxxas battery charging on it now and it seems to be charging just fine. Im not looking for a dead-on fact here. Just a "what would you do" scenario type answer. Im still nervous about puttin the lipos on it. ^^^^^WASNT A CHEAP CHARGER EITHER^^^^^^