ok, just figured i would start a thread so everything with my neon can pretty much be together. here.

here was my neon when i first got it.

this is how both of the front rotors were when i changed them

new door to replaced the smashed one

traded my buddy hoods. which his car blew up shortly after

went to check my front brakes and snapped off 8 out of the 10 lug studs.

pulling the motor after i snapped the timing belt. bought a whole nother neon for $400 with a blown trans

getting ready to go back in

new fender to replace the one with a huge dent

whats the best way to get these two dents out?

replaced the rear door on driver side because it was getting some rust on it. also replaced the rear bumper because it got a huge gouge in it when my brother was pushing me cus my starter died. and also traded my buddy trunk lids after his car did die lol.