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Thread: shock question

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    shock question

    hey guys i have an almost stock merv with the exception of dirt hawg tires. i find the car flips over too easy at high speeds when turning. the shocks seem to be a little soft also, i was wondering what a good setup would be? ive heard pink and black and then some people say tan. sorry if this topic has been covered just looking for a bit of help. thanks in advance

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    You realize that you are asking a question that's been asked a million times, and were apologetic, so I have no problem putting in my two cents. The best way to go about the suspension IMO is to start with aluminum shock bodies. There's a wonderful thread about the install that covers the leak fix as nearly all of the shock options, even aftermarket, leak. Stop the leaking issue and you'll have done a worthwhile upgrade, and when you go to the HS or are shopping online pick up a couple sets of springs and an assortment of shock oils. I bought a variety pack of shock oils from 15-90 and four packs of springs and had a blast experimenting with different combos. There is no end-all spring and shock oil combo, just play around with the different options you purchase and you'll end up with a MERV that handles 10x better and suits you specifically.

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    Theres a current thread which handles the topic as well. I think you should read at least this thread.

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