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    Quote Originally Posted by Emaxx2.0 View Post
    Yes lol. Thats what my friend sent me. It works but I wonder if the switch can cause browning out on my servo. When I turn it kills power to my motor.
    You can try a glitch buster. It's pretty common to need one with that servo. I also had one that was still acting up even with the cap. Had to send it back to Horizon. They said it was working normal, but drawing way more amps than it should for some reason. Had a new one at my door within a few days.

    Oh and I also had an issue with one in my RC8Be. Had a screw head that was interfering. It was basically straining the servo as if the EPA wasn't set right and was killing the power to the esc. Is yours having issues as soon as you start to turn, or when it's at full turn?

    BTW. What happened to the stock battery hold down?
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