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    Power Up Motor won't accept pinion gear from old brushed motor

    Got our new Velineon motor and ESC for our 1/16 slash 4*4 today.

    Put the ESC in easily, but when it came time to put the old pinion gear onto the new motor, it seems that the 'spindle' off of the new motor is a larger diameter than the old brushed motor (Titan 380) and the pinion gear won't slide on even with the set screw completely out of the hole.

    When I sent the old motor and ESC in for the power up deal, it said to keep the old pinion gear, and they didn't include a new one, so I'm not sure what's up. Am I missing something or did Traxxas not give me the right directions for what to send them and I needed a new pinion gear too?

    Thanks for any suggestions

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    I think you might need a different pinion or they put the wrong spindle I would definitely contact traxxas and see what could be done.

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