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    Storage Charge Time

    It takes me 50 minutes to balance charge my 2s or 3s Lipo to full from LVC at 5a. If I storage mode charge the same packs (max 1a) it takes 3+ hours. Can I just balance charge the battery at 5a til I get to 3.84 or so per cell? Have any of you done this, or does a storage mode charge differ?

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    Storage mode takes so long because it usually does it at about .5 amps. If you took a freshly charged pack and ran it for only say 15 min's and checked it and it was around 3.7-3.9 I would ASSUME that would be ok as well.

    Not 100% on that
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    But I think the un-answered question is why does storage mode use a .5 or 1 amps to charge? My charger does not have storage mode, and I just assumed to charge the battery as the OP is suggesting. Charge at 5amps until the batteries are balanced at 3.85-ish per cell?

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    When I use my charger for storage mode, it will just get up to charging speed when the voltage is lower than the storage voltage. If the voltage is higher, it is slower.

    +1 on using the charge function when the voltage is lower.
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