i just got the charger today, this is my first time and i'm not sure what's hoinh wrong.
so i'm using an ez peak plus charger and nimh 5000mah series 5 8.4v

i'v set the ez charger in nimh mode, adjust to 5A max and let it in auto mode
when i start to charge after 5m the charger rings and said the battery is fully charged !
while charging the voltage go up to 10.xxV and Amp stick to 5.

i guess maybe there's a trouble with the voltage ?

when i'm triying to use che battery in my stampede vxl the light just blink red and green wich is the error code for no power battery or over voltage protection

can you please explain to me what i'll have to do now, do i have to discharge the battery first ? if so how exaclty.

thansk in advance.