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    It was one of those good bad weekends. My seaking esc failed and my boat flipped. The hull seperated down the whole side. I will be shipping the hull back to Traxxas. I will have to find out about the warranty on the seaking 180 esc. My son had much better luck and was running in the low 60 mph range all day. On the last run of the day with the wind and water conditions just right he made his fastest run. His boat was almost all the way out of the water and he new his run was very fast. We brought the boat in and read the GPS. 67.8 MPH I was taking video and I took pictures of the GPS . We were running the Octura x447 prop at the time. My son will put together the video and the pics of the run. Congrats to him on a great job running the boat. We also checked the temps after the run and the motor was 66 degrees, the esc was 88 and the bats were just over 100. With these temps I think we can go bigger on the prop.
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