Im going to make a Rustler VXL speedrun application, I will be running stock motor and esc, along with TQi transmiter and reciever. I aim on 65-70 mph with this one. This setup will mostly be stock, and thats enough for reaching the factorys claim of "70 mph".

After alot of planning, I ordered all the parts I needed to make this happen, I had to order several items from different kind of shops. Manny hours was spent on planning and searching for parts and online dealers. But thats a part of the game.

The first thing I did after getting my Rustler, was to strip it, so I could install the RPM parts.

For the front I went with the rod ends, lower arms, caster blocks, and bearing carriers.

I also installed the shock tower, got to say, some stock traxxas parts are really garbage and weak. I also mounted the bumper upside down, since its a common mod for speedrun Rustlers.

I use 180 grams (~ 6.5 oz) of weight in the front, hopefully this, along with the lower suspension, will prevent the car from catching air and fly.

After recieving my battery, I soon discovered that it wouldnt fit, as you can see its big.

This gave me a good opportunity to mod the chassis a bit. The area marked with a black ink, I will dremel it out.

Since im running a heatsink fan on the motor, I also have to cut a piece of the tranny cover. Its way cheaper than a alloy case, yet less effective.

Since I didnt want to pay 20+ euros for a traxxas fan, I bought one 6V 30x30mm fan for 4 euros, and a female bec connector for 1 euro. I hope this will work.

Stay tuned, more to come