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    Unhappy XL-5 Pede Converted to 2.4G Radio, Now stuck in LVC mode...HELP!

    Ok folks. Buddy has a brushed Pede running a XL-5 ESC. He just put a 2.4G radio on it and couldn't get the throttle to work after putting the new radio on. Gave it to me to work on as I have 2 nitro and 2 electrics that I all converted to Traxxas 2.4G a couple months back.

    So, I got the throttle working. Somewhere along the way I turned on the LVC, not sure how I managed that, sure didn't hold the button for 10seconds! Now I cannot get LVC off. I have tried to hold the ESC button down with the radio on and with the radio off. Every time I do, the green light goes off, the receiver light shows power is still on, and nothing else happens. 10s, 15s, 20s, doesn't matter how long I hold it. When I let off the button, the power shuts off, no red light. When I power back on, still stuck in LVC mode.

    Any thoughts on how to reset the thing back to stock, non-LVC, red light on mode!?!?!?
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