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    petertje60..your missing the point, what iam saying is you guys that run these rustlers balls out say that 70 mph isnt fast,and that RC drag racing is boring..and that would be easy to do..and iam saying yeeah you guys do speed runs but in a large area and you are not confined in your speed runs .and RC drag racing isnt as easy,so what iam saying is ,take those insane rustler and try to run them down a strip where you cant cross any lines. like i have stated in an above post.. iam not comparing them to thesefunny cars,most of these traxxas rustler guys ,think first off the funny car isnt fast,they think RC Drag racing is very easy,and this funny car is unstable,which it is a stable car.. you just have to know what your far setup,traction, and weight issues.But iam not comparing rustlers to this funny car.
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