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    Exclamation Stampede VXL Steering/Servo BellCranks Rubbing On Driveshaft And Chassis

    Traxxas has admitted to the known issue of steering component design problems on the Stampede VXL. Both bellcranks, the one on the Servo Saver rubs and melts on the driveshaft, wears the driveshaft, and the bellcrank on the servo shaft rubs and rides upon to the chassis, placing dangerous force on the plastic splined servo motor shaft and gears. This happens when the steering endpoints are set to default on the radio. The only current fix for this issue is to carefully set the endpoints, as to shorten the travel and stop the parts from contacting each other causing premature wear and eventual failure.
    The Stamped is advertised as "ready to run" out of the box...but this is NOT the case. So...check your driveshaft for a wear line and bellcranks (part #6845 X 2) for melting and distortion. Call Customer Support and ask "nicely" for the belcranks, driveshaft and servo gears as warranty replacement parts. There is NO current fix to allow running without parts damage, in default steering endpoint setting mode.
    Fair Warning: Set the Steering Endpoints to stop parts making contact with driveshaft and on the chassis. Too bad this is the case...$400.00 + is quite a chunk of change to lay down for a great truck....with known serious issues in the steering design.
    There is NO WAY to adjust the steering linkage (trust me), eliminating the parts contact and resulting wear, to allow default steering travel setting. I am going to modify the chassis, removing some material with a dremel tool and add a spacer under the servo bellcrank, as well as relieve some material on the servo saver bellcrank. What a pain!! Traxxas should get a permenet fix for this known issue ASAP and send out the parts to ALL registered owners of this model.
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