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    Thumbs down All this for a screw pin...

    It's been more than a week since my last outing with the ERBE because of a stripped screw pin.

    On my last outing in the sandpit I broke a drive-axle and since I bashed all winter long and went through mud, water and snow I decided to go ahead and do a little spring cleaning / tune-up on the ERBE.

    But... when I tried to remove the screw pin that secures the hex-hub to the drive-axle I stripped the head of the screw pin like a noob... too much crud + trying to go too fast = stripped screw pin head.
    I tried my best to drill the head-off so I could push the pin out but to no avail, after 3 drill bits and a ton of curse words I decided it was time for me to get a new set of 17 mm hex hubs just to make sure it would never happen to me again.

    Went to 3 LHS and none of 'em had the parts so I had to order on ebay, it'd be at least a week before I get the parts.

    Since I had no way of using my ERBE I started the spring tune-up...
    Checked all the wheel bearings on the axle carriers and sure enough, most of them were in dire need of some TLC ... so much so that I went on and changed all of the axle carriers for brand spankin' new ones ( since I had the spare parts ) and I rebuilt the old ones with new bearings, so I still have 4 spare axle carriers.
    Changed a lower A-arm wich had a crack in it. Greased up a few bearings and so on and so forth.

    Mounted, taped, glued and even went as far as fish-lined ( from the inside ) and sealed the air holes of my new Pro-Line Badlands.

    Took the skid plates off to check on the drive shaft and to see if any wear was apparent but everything seemed A-OK ... and Friday I got the package I was waiting for.

    Early morning yesterday I installed the hex hub and was more than ready to go. I was eager to try the Badlands in the sand pit and they work great !!! But after only 3 minutes of light bashing I found myself with a FWD ERBE ... After all I went through as far as maintenance I couldn't believe what was happening. I immediately thought "Rear diff" although I had checked if it had any clicking or slop or anything else when I went through the driveline "check" ...

    Took the car back home, put it on the stand and started by turning one wheel by hand, the opposing wheel turned the opposite way as supposed so everything was ok but then I grabbed both wheels and turned them by hand and it didn't make the transmission - motor - front wheels turn ... ohhhh so that's the problem. ( or so I thought )

    Took the rear diff out ( and found out the rear bulkhead had 2 hairline fractures I hadn't seen ) and went ahead and opened it up to see what was fudged in it... Nothing, everything's perfect in the diff, no stripped gears, no bearing failure, nothing !!! I went ahead and changed the bearings anyway since I had a bunch and re-installed the rear-diff. I was puzzled, what could cause this ??? Turning the front wheels by hand would make the rear wheels turn but seemed to slip a bit... Turning the rear wheels by hand didn't make the front wheels turn. Checked the drive shaft, seemed ok, no twisting nor breakage, nothing !!! Decided to double-check it so took it off and there it was... The screw pin was missing from the diff yoke. It had fallen off so the inside of the yoke stripped in a second. So when I turned the front wheels by hand it would turn the rear wheels even though it seemed to slip a bit but when I turned the rear wheels by hand they wouldn't move the front wheels since it had to turn the transmission and it was slipping too much to do that.

    So I got screwed by 2 screw pins
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