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    I never got around to working on those switches yesterday, but today I've FINALLY found (thank god this has been delayed so much) nice black panel mount 3.5mm jacks!

    Much nicer than the ones I was planning on using:

    I also got my new switch (no chrome on the bezel) positioned, and leds re-worked to fit nicely.

    Nothing major, but I feel that if I don't keep myself "updating" I'm going to lose interest playing the waiting game.



    I am very happy now with that whole side of the case. I used to hate how it looked before I started getting these higher-quality prettier looking adapters/plugs/etc.. now I'm very happy with it.

    Still waiting to hear back from the printing company how the laser cutting and printing test goes on my black brushed aluminum vinyl. I called the other day to give'm heck but found out Mr.Bossman was away for a week, then away at a conference, and thought he was waiting on ME, while I was waiting on him. End of the world type stuff.

    Tomorrow I expect:

    Shocks/springs so I will double up the suspension.
    Steering assembly with the proper mounting to finalize my 4ws.
    XT90 Battery connectors so I can start making the junction boxes.
    6Channel radio to start incorporating all three radios in to the one system.
    Second 5000mah 4s battery.
    Gyro for the camera, I will finally know whether or not this whole system will work with camera gyro or not.
    Other odds and ends.
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