So after making up a y-connector for the two steering servos, hooking it all up and fixing up the trims...... the car has NO ISSUE going further than I ever tested the TQ or TQi setup, WITH the remote resting on my railing, not holding it up high or anything - it went further than I could see because of distance and tall grass. In short, it worked perfectly! I didn't have a camera on it because all of my components are laying around in pieces waiting for this case to be printed/cut.

I was told by the plastic/graphics guys that I'd hear back from them last Monday. I received an email last night saying, "sorry, next week!" ... it's a good thing I'm still tweaking the design of it anyway otherwise I'd have lost my mind by now.

All I'm waiting on now is some small bits and pieces from China and they should be here by Tuesday.

I'm not 100% sure of this Manipulator Arm, only because I'm afraid the servos won't be strong enough and worse: When I turn it on, they will all try to zero themselves and 6 strong servos under full load will crash almost any ESC I could throw at them. We'll see, I still need to come up with a chassis design for the car for all the radio, battery, camera, osd etc... mounts.