I've just joined the ranks! I ordered a Lawmate 1000mW 1.2ghz VTx/VRx combo, 360° pan servo, and tomorrow heading to futureshop to pick up a GoPro Hero2!

As some people here know, I've been messing around with my remote to make it a 10-channel thing, and I only started doing that because I had zip-tied my phone to my car, recorded it in 720p, and loved it and wanted to make a PAN & TILT system. I started to make one, but got carried away with my 10ch remote and never finished it.

I'm planning on making one of these so-called, "Geek Boxes" that basically houses your receiver, has a screen in it showing what your car sees, and can also record the live feed (incase something happens on the car, and the recording messes up - or you get your car stolen, you can see those last few frames while it's powered on and being kidnapped)

I'm pretty stoked, as in EXTREMELY stoked! There is a really large Summit FPV community, and I've posted a few times in their forum, but I'm about as n00b as they come there so I'm going to keep this thread active with the progress and hopefully get some of the folks here informed on how to mod their Summit's to do the same! I think this is within the forum rules ya?