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    safe operating temps

    I always let my engines warm up before I put a load on them. here in northern we get alot of 50 degree temps in the spring and fall, alot of times my temps are only in the 215-230 range is this still a safe running temp?

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    Safe temp range is anywhere between 210-260.... From there,,, smoke trails combined with performance... :cool;
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    Anything over 180 will get you good longevity. Remember, if it is cool outside you should always richen your high speed needle a hair and tune the engine back to max performance from that point.....that way you always know it's not too lean.
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    As it gets warmer, depending on the fuel you use, you may have to lean your LS a tad to keep that snap. Then in the Fall richen it back a tad. usually it only needs about 5-10 degree turns richer or leaner once it is set.

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