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    Got my new slayer, now I just need it to RUN! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Well, I finnaly got my new slayer pro yesterday and I went out side to break it in... but before any of that happened I watched the dvd on how to break in a new engine a where it said you can put AOR in the engine before you start it, it will prevent scouring when the engine first turns over. Well, I guess I put too much AOR in it,(I know what a NOOB move) because when I went to go break it in the engine won't hold a stedy idle for more than 2 -3 sec. I have got it to idle, but I have to hold it at half throttle and when I let it go to neutral it dies agian. There is ALOT of oil and gas mixed coming out of the exhast tip, so I know there is too much oil in it. I've gone through half a tank of nitro trying to get the oil out of it and get it to idle so I can break the engine in. I REALLY don't want to mess up the break in, and I have NO IDEA what to do to get the oil out and to get it to idle. PLEASE HELP ME SLOVE THIS BEFORE I RUIN MY ENNGINE!!!
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    I doubt the amount of after run oil you put in it will make a difference. What you're seeing coming out of exhaust is the unburnt fuel because the engine comes from the factory with the settings really rich. The break in process takes a while, and the engine probably won't stay running very long during the first tank. Do not adjust any of the needles until it says to do so during the break in process. Breaking in a new nitro engine takes patience and time, just keep at it per the instructions and I will stay running within the next couple tanks.

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    It will run pretty rough the first tank. You'll have to turn the idle up some to get it to run and stay running. I had to turn mine up to the point of where the truck was creeping forward at idle to keep it from dying. Each tank after that I was able to turn the idle down little by little as the motor started loosening up.

    Actually using the ARO before you start a new engine is a good thing but too much can be bad. It can simulate an overly rich situation that can overstress the rod. 4 or 5 drops down the cylinder and 4 or 5 down the carb is all that's needed. You can also use just plain old WD 40 1 second squirt in each. If you think you put too much in, clear the motor like the manual shows you how for a flooded motor before starting.

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    A lot of oil coming out of the engine is perfectly normal,
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