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    Best set up for dirt short course.

    I know this topic has probably been asked dozens of times. I know lots of people talk up RPM stuff. Right now my Slash is stock with 2s 5000 MAH batteries. What tires are people usually using on dirt? This dirt is packed down pretty good. Then again I dont know how other dirt tracks are. Ive only had my slash just under a week. What else should I do to get best results on this dirt course?

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    First off, welcome to the forum and Slash 4x4 world. You'll love your truck and have a blast at the track. Set-up wise I storngly recommend that you print out a copy of the Slayden Set-Up and go from there. I love it and it totally changes the feel of the truck. It's mostly little tweaks here and there and a couple things to but like sway bars, center diff, shock and gear oil and some cheap springs. But its totally worth it.

    For tires there are litterally tons of choices. Personnally I run a set of Pro-Line caliber M4 super softs and Pro-Line Sniper M3 Softs. I would goto the pro-line and JConcepts tire pages and just read into each tire to see what conditions each is the best for then order a couple of different sets. Also this past issue of RC Car Action magizine has an article about choosing the right SC tires, both tread patterns and compoundsm, for the right conditions.

    Good luck!
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    +1 on all above the slayden thread is the slash bible. It will getu way in the ball park. Practice alot at home on ur cornering . I notice that if the truck starts to traction roll in a corner, that flooring the throttle will make the truck move forward instead of tipping over. Alot of guys run proline calibers or bowties. On loose stuff i really like badlands. Most guys run them for all dirt bashing. But then again my track is sandy loose. Buy a center diff . And practice . The slowest truck with the best driver wins everytime.

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