Hi everyone,

I have 2 concerns with this charger.

1: when I plug in my lipo to balance charge them when it asks me to confirm that the cell counts match and are correct, the fan will go on and off constantly. When I do confirm it is correct, the fan will slowly stop doing that and function normally... is this the way it's designed to be?

2: I noticed that when I use the storage mode, it takes an incredibly long time for it to finish, if its even supposed to finish. I noticed today that it was on 3.8 volts per cell for over 40 minutes and the charger was still doing its thing. After 98 minutes I took it off the charger myself. When using storage mode, is it supposed to take that long, and is it supposed to stop on its own? It only takes me 48 min or so to recharge it from 3.5.. so it just seems odd.


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