First of all hello to everybody,

I am new to this community and relatively new to RC – but hey, what shall I say, I felt in love .

I purchased a new E-Maxx Brushless with TQi using the new TQi 2.4GHz 5-channel micro receiver (#6518). From my old E-Maxx I took out my Savöx SC-1256TG for single servo steering, but to my big surprise the servo did not work properly – the servo was chattering (Well - more like on-off) and while driving even the motor did switch off and on again, but connected to the “old” Traxxas receiver (#2218) of my old E-Maxx, Stampede or Rustler, the servo works absolutely perfect.

My question – does anybody else have the same experience or do I have just a faulty receiver (which does not make any problem in stock configuration with the two stock 2075 servos connected).

Greetings from Germany,