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    I'm all for modding radios for more channels, but.....

    Has anyone done any other radio mods that would be of interest to the geeks with too much time and spare electronic parts at their disposal? I'm thinking things from the practical to the stupid, such as LED lighting for the wheel, trigger and other things for night driving, or a torch for finding something in a dark space? How about a built in stop watch for timed distance runs, or a laser heat gun for checking the temperature of that car that's running too hot? Maybe an electro magnet for when I drop a body pin or wheel nut in some grass, a digital voltage display for the TX batteries, a small drill driver, or even a servo tester because I can never remember where I left it.

    Interested to see other ideas, crazy or not because I know i'll see something that makes me think "thats so stupid I'm doing it now!".

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    As soon as I get parts in mine will have a LCD display for voltage.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Some good ideas here Harley, just an hour ago I was playing the Piano thinking, ".... actually THIS would be a GREAT idea! I gotta go write this in Harley's post!" ... guess what I can't remember right now? Hahah

    It wasn't a charging thing..
    It wasn't a light..
    It wasn't .. anything I can remember now

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