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    Helps about traxxas rally vxl from brazil

    Hello friends,

    I bought one traxxas rally vxl and I have doing some things, I did one pack nimh with 6 cells AAA and put over on the receiver to on my funs,

    There is one fun around of the motor over the heatsink, and another fun over the esc.

    I ran a lot today with 2 packs nimh in serie and with 3 s too with pinion gear 28 t.

    And after to play with this I was cheking the temps and no problem because the esc temps is about 50 C and the motor is about 60 C CELSIUS.

    I think the fun is bearing bear good wind to cool down the temps.

    But my doubt is if I can continue running this way.

    Because today was very very good.

    Some one can help me

    Best regards EDUARDO BRAZIL

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    Sorry I missed your IM earlier... this is probably what you wanted help with.

    Your temps look awesome... keep on doing what you are doing, it seems to be working fine!!
    Be sure to always check your temperatures after a run.
    You are doing good checking it often when you first change something... keep it up!
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Fala Eduardo! What up just wanted to say what up since I am also from brazil. Lived in US last 20 years, but born, and rasied brazilian/american. Holla!
    Build, Bash, Clean, Repair, Repeat..

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