Hey guys,

I have been trying to find information on this since last week. But I cannot find the information I am looking for. I need parts for my T-Maxx to get the reverse working but I am not sure what all I may need. I see a t-maxx 4907 (mostly) and t-maxx 4910. I just bought a T-Maxx Classic 4910 but according to the seller it needs 'everything' to get the reverse back. I know, what exactly is everything?!

But, aside from the 4910 being only 3/4ths the length of the 4907 and the shaft size difference. Can someone tell me if the parts are all the same for each or do I have to look for part specific for the 4910? As I am not entirely sure what all was done in removing the 'reverse' out of the truck. This has me a bit concerned as the seller did NOT disclose this until after the sale was closed.

So I am coming to the community to help me know the differences. I will know more what is needed for the truck once it gets here. I am the proud owner of a Nitro 4-Tec. So I am getting acquainted with Fuel Powered toys like this. This will be my first truck.

Thank you all for who help me in getting the facts straight with this truck. (too busy on a project to get the specifics)

Best Regards,