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    Second set of springs?

    I pick up an E Revo two weeks ago and just I was wondering what is the difference between the springs install from factory vs the ones that in the bag with the spare parts?

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    The second set of springs is for the long travel rockers. There is more info on the springs in your instruction manual. I thought the stock springs were a little to soft, so i moved the rear springs (green) to the front, and out the silver set in the rear. I think I have the front where I like it, but I am still trying to find the right set up for the rear, the silver is to stiff I think. But it is all up to your preference and driving style. Have fun trying to find what set up is right for you, just don't change to much at a time.

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    Put the extra springs on and change to 60wt. shock oil and it will be like having a brand new truck that actually handles good. The springs that come on the truck are WAY to soft and the shock oil is WAY to thin.

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