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Thread: Daul 11v Lipos?

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    Cool Daul 11v Lipos?

    So i have been reading that the ESC uses the one conector for the motors and the other for the electronics. If I find which one runs the motors since I have the dual Dewalt 14v motors would I be able to run the 11v lipos?

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    On the original evx2 yes. But not dual. You can run a 7.4volts (2s) and a 11.1 (3s) for a total of 5s lipos. But I BELIEVE the new lvd evx2 will not allow for more than 4s lipo. Any one tested the new evx with more than 4s lipos? From what i have read it will go into over voltage protection, but if its similiar to the mini 1/16 systems you may can put in into NicM mode and then try using 5s lipos but this is inharently dangerous ( no lvd overheating etc).' Any more thoughts?
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    The way the ESC works is it runs the motor off BOTH batteries, but the rest of the electronics are run off just ONE of the batteries.

    You could run a jumper between the 2 plugs and run a single 3S lipo... but you can't run 2 3S lipos in series.

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