I've learned that with my aluminum C-hubs and knuckles, it's better to apply some blue loc-tite to the threads if the screws that hold them together and let it set before assembling, otherwise the loc-tite finds it's way onto the non-threaded portion of the screw that's suppose to allow the steering to pivot and it ends up binding things up...

now I think I have the same issue with my MIP axles. just did a run through and rebuild of the truck, and it's the first time I've pulled the MIPs apart completely after installing them the first time around. when I first assembled them I didn't get any binding, but for some reason this time around, I must have put too much red loc-tite on the screws that hold the cross pins in or something and it's bled through and into the joints.

does anyone else use the "let it set up" method with the red loc-tite on their MIPs to keep it from spreading where it doesn't need to go, or will this method not work as well with the red loc-tite?