Just recently I've notcied my slash has a few worn parts on it. The front A arm is loose and wobbles side to side and up and down. The steering bellcrank bushings are rather loose too. (My slash is BOX STOCK, other than I changed the shock oil wt.) The tie rod balls are loose and create even more looseness is the steering, the front turnbuckles are loose and wobble also. The rear u joints have a large amount of "play" in them. The gears in my differental wobble when they are turned too. I drive my slash through two 3000mh batterys EVERY day. (I love driving it around) I've had it since Christmas 11', and I never really drive it in dustly places and I always blow of any dust that gets on it after ever run. I havn't broken any parts on it yet, because broken parts= new, none worn out parts.So is that why I'm finding worn out parts? Would getting metal parts prevent them from wearing out? PS I go through almost 4 front wheel bearings every month, but the rear ones don't have any wear on the and they don't feel "gritty" when I spin them. Could my front tires be out of balance? Or is that just normal wear and tear? Please help me understand why my parts are wearing out and how to prevent them from doing so. THANKS FOR THE HELP! -Wolfslash16