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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    Hi I have a traxxas funny car and having problems with pinion and spur gears had the stock gears and shredded them and every time I put on the pinion and spins right off put loctite on and blew the driveshaft what would I need todo I have new motor

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    I just found your thread ,,,,,,has anyone offered you any help what so ever?
    I have asked some questions my self and received no reply ,,,,,either the people that have funny cars do not look after their own or do not have the knowledge to help you,,,, just my opinion ,,,,the questions I asked were about customizing the FC
    so I am not expecting any one to know enough to help me or to care about any one but their self.,, that being said,,,,,
    have you fixed your problem ,,,, first to start you need to make sure that the grub screw of the pinion is exactly on the flat of the motor shaft....I will sub your thread and if you still need help just post or send me a PM ...... I am not an expert but if I don't know an answer to a problem I know how to find answers ,,,,good luck!

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