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    Losi Truggy wheels and hex recommendation.

    Does anyone know if these:

    would work on the 2wd slash ? Im looking for truggy wheels for my slash project and have found a set of these for next to nothing. They have a half inch offset but not sure what the standard slash wheels have. I know ill need the 17mm adapters to which is not an issue.

    While on that subject can anyone recommend good 17mm hex's ? Ive read good and bad about the different brands and integy seam to offer the best price but haven't found any reviews about them but have read to stay away from all there other parts. Would this be the same for the hex adapters ?


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    It looks like as long as theyre 17mm rims, theyll work. Those rims in particular look like theyll stick out farther which will actually help with cornering (center of gravity).
    Ive tried 4 different brands of adapters and have realized that no matter which ones you use, you MUST use Blue Locktite! No ifs ands or buts! If you dont, you WILL lose the nuts that hold the adapters onto the car.
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