Hi All,

A few days ago I bought a new TQi Tx, with iPod dock and matching Rx, from our LHS. This was originally part of an Ultimate Slash package and was kept by the shop as the buyer decided to use his existing Spektrum radio system.

I installed the Rx in my XTM Rail and after going through the firmware update dance had no problem binding and using the TQi, with attached Gen 2 iPod Touch. It's really nice and works great!

Next I bound my nearly new 1/16 Traxxas Kyle Busch to the TQi. That worked just fine too.

But here's the problem. Both models show in the Tx Model Memory, but I can only operate whichever one I last bound to. So after I bound to the second one, I can only operate that one, unless I rebind to the first one, and then can only run it. That, obviously,is not how it's supposed to be.

I spent several hours off and on trying different things, including clearing the Tx entirely, binding with and without the iPod connected, and so on. No luck. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the Link software, with no joy.

So, what might be wrong? I'm hoping I've overlooked something ...

Any help will be greatly appreciated and in any event thanks for listening!