Well after setting up the revo and using it with the stock batteries I was a little disappointed.

Then today I was able to charge the lipos and go to a local school field.

Whoa I could not wipe the grin off my face....

My wife took the emaxx and I put it on normal mode, no more training for her. Her grin was almost as wide as mine.

The 2/2s venom 40c 5000mah batteries produced more than enough speed and fun. We were out for at least 1/2 hour with no signs of either slowing down. When they say 35+ mph they mean it. Tires ballooned but not too crazy.

Power slides on the grass were easy, slipper clutch kicked in after about 1 second of throttle, wheelies were no problem even when moving.

When I got home threw the lipos on storage mode and they were ready after about 15 min. Will put them on balance charge next time we will use it.

Just awesome!!