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    what is a good tire??

    I have a rwd vxl slash and I am looking for a slightly specific tire/ wheel combo for my slash. it will be mainly drove on a rough cement, but id like it to also go into the hard packed smooth gravel also. And what kind of firmness should i get in the wheels? And i'd like to stay away from the (drifting) so i want it to grip for good traction.

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    check out proline they will have what you are looking for

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    For Traxxas tires, go with the S1 compound tires! They are softer, so they have more grip but wear out faster.
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    Anaconda.... great bashing tire for street and light offroad.

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    This may sound weird, but one of the best tires I ever ran on my Slash was an old set of Axial Rockclaw crawling tires. I cut out the center to make them fit on a set of JConcepts buggy wheels on 17mm hexes. I just did it on a lark, picking up the wheels on clearance for $15 at the LHS. I had inteded to use them on my rockracer build, but decided to try them on my Slash for the heck of it. The softness of the tires really made them grip well. It just takes a lot of patience to cut the tires properly so they fit right. I also used softer rockcrawling foams inside. They really hook up. Finally after a lot of abuse they succumbed to the 2S power and tore a bit. I liked it so much, I think I'll try it again!
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