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    speed tires

    I have recently slipped in the 2 3s lipos and upgraded the gearing to 24pinion and 54 spur. I hit a speed of 57.2mph stil pretty fast but i know the truck can do more. I have the stock tires and i was wondering what is the best speed rim and tire combo so the tires dont blow up so much when going almost 60. Also I got my 24t pinion from robinson racing and it doesn't seem to want to sit on the engine shaft, even when the srew is tight with lock tight it will find away to slide on the shaft, why?

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    personal opinion, phaltline tires and wheels but bought separate to do it yourself , gorilla tape the inside of tires, glue the wheels to tires with thin Pacer ZAP CA glue and lots of it. As for the pinion, what has worked for me, cut a slot in the grub screw with a fine file or thin dremel cut off wheel, put a tad of the blue locktite on the grub screw threads and on the end you just cut.

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    Make your next purchase Duratrax X-Cons with 1/2in. offset. search them at They can handle whatever speed you got. i am on my third set and am running close to 65mph and never had a bead come off or ballooning.

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