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    Newby needs help sync'ing remote, car and iphone4 with traxxas link.....

    i've looked on the radio posts and cannot seem to find the answer im looking for. Literally just bought a Slash 4x4 Ulti on Monday w/ the TQi 6507 remote. **** thing is fast!! anyway, I see there is a fancy app that will make your iphone your own personal hub for all sorts of stuff. That being said, i have dowloaded the traxxas link app to my iphone 4 but cannot figure out how to sync that with the remote and car. The app shows the remote and car icons as red in the upper edge of the app. i did pick the correct model on the app. has the remote on, car on, i get an error message on the phone saying it cannot sync and to make sure my vehicle is connected and operational. It is!! sure what the **** to do now. haha probably something simple, i may be over-thinking it.

    On a side note, the threads i read didn't seem to have good things about the app. Should i just stay 'ol school and not bother? i use this car for wknd warrior stuff and not a racer. Although i wouldn't mind racing again but not sure i'd need all this fancy stuff to do so. i raced back in '86, things were A LOT different that's for sure hahaha.

    thanks for your time.

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    Does it all work without the phone? steering, gas?
    Next, in the preferences menu set 'charge phone from TX' to on. If the charging icon / vibration happens when plugged into the remote the remote and phone are communicating so no problems there. If no communication, pop the back cover off the remote and check the white multiwire plug is connected at the top.

    Assuming all that works, go to the app and go select model. If everything is on, there should be some form of linked vehicle there or receiver. May not be your slash, but thats what you need to activate.

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