i've looked on the radio posts and cannot seem to find the answer im looking for. Literally just bought a Slash 4x4 Ulti on Monday w/ the TQi 6507 remote. **** thing is fast!! anyway, I see there is a fancy app that will make your iphone your own personal hub for all sorts of stuff. That being said, i have dowloaded the traxxas link app to my iphone 4 but cannot figure out how to sync that with the remote and car. The app shows the remote and car icons as red in the upper edge of the app. i did pick the correct model on the app. has the remote on, car on, i get an error message on the phone saying it cannot sync and to make sure my vehicle is connected and operational. It is!! sure what the **** to do now. haha probably something simple, i may be over-thinking it.

On a side note, the threads i read didn't seem to have good things about the app. Should i just stay 'ol school and not bother? i use this car for wknd warrior stuff and not a racer. Although i wouldn't mind racing again but not sure i'd need all this fancy stuff to do so. i raced back in '86, things were A LOT different that's for sure hahaha.

thanks for your time.