Hey guys,

I've noticed a few of the newer members (no offense intended) asking about which tires provide good all around performance when used on the Slayer or Slash short course vehicles.
From all the good things I've heard about the Badlands, I decided to pick up a set today and thought I'd post a thread on mounting them and include some pictures.
I'll probably add some more photos later on, and an actual 'review'.

I went with the 'black on chrome' Traxxas wheels, (item#5974).
And Proline's Badlands, (Part#1182-01).

Here is the rubber itself, along with the newly designed inserts that Proline has just produced.

I purchased the 'medium hardness' rubber. This compound is still very soft, and I would recommend buying the harder compound if long wear is your main concern.

A picture of the tread difference between a Badland and the stock Traxxas tire.

You need to clean the bead of the tires prior to attaching them to the rim, the factory coats them in a 'anti mold dust' that keeps moisture to a minimum. The glue will not set properly with this coating intact, remove it with rubbing alcohol or soap and water solution.

When glueing the tires I used a piece of aluminum foil to prevent CA from dripping onto the island.

Work your way around the wheel, attaching the tire with about six points of glue around the circumference of the rim.

And finally, a few pictures of them bolted on the Slayer Pro 4X4

I'll update this thing when I get some run time with them, hope this helps anyone who's considering the Badlands. They really look and feel like they'll hook up well on the dirt and provide much more traction on regular running surfaces.