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    Upgrading my Slash 2WD to Lipo?

    First off Imma say I LOVE this truck...Right outta the box it runs amazing! As it is only my second RC. But I would love more run time per charge. Would I get that with a Lipo? I have a 3000mah nihm atm(stock battery) Keep in mind Im still very new to the whole RC world...So please dont be to harsh. anyone willing to help a newbie?
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    First of all, we need to know if your slash is VXL or XL-5 setup. Both can run lipos, just different types.
    XL-5 can go max with 2s lipo. IF and only IF your truck is VXL, Lipos will also change the performance of your truck, so make sure u switch it to practice mode. VXL is capable with 3s lipos, but thats for pros, why pros, because your rwd truck will do wheelies all day long, and clock at 55+ miles an hour.
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