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    Need help making decision

    So i just got a ERBE and I already have a 3903 EMAXX and Slash 4x4 Ultimate. Im gonna sell one but i cant decide which one to sell.

    stock with RPM arms up front and progressive springs all the way around. Stock brushed setup using stock NIMH batts. Bought the truck brand new and its in excellent condition even the body.

    SLASH 4x4 Ultimate
    Stock with RPM arms all 4 corners. Body is pretty beat up but the truck is in good shape. Bought it used at LHS to race but the track im pretty sure is 1/8th scale and wasnt that impressed with slash on the track. Run the truck on 3s and its crazy fast

    I bought the ERBE with intensions to set it up for both track/bash. I dont "race" at the track, i just like to go and have fun doin laps with whoever is there.

    Im open to any input. Thanks

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    Sell the emaxx!!!!

    While the maxx line is great for nostalgia, I feel that model has run its course.

    The 4x4 is a great platform. Its got a ton of potential as a parking lot weapon, and then you've got the ERBE for offroad.

    I put this together for a friend:

    4x4 Slash, big motor, adequate cooling, street tires, rebuilt and re-oiled all shocks and diffs... it was a really great car to drive.

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