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    Smile I bought my E-Revo 2 weeks ago and need help.

    Ok, I bought this truck and purchased 3S batteries made by Traxxas. I also bought the fast charger and the dual 3s charger accessory.

    I destroyed 2 tires the first day I used those batteries, it is a lot of power, but I thought the tires would resist that speed since the box says that we can use those batteries and achieve 65 miles per hour.

    Yesterday I bought a set of 2 17 mm tires and do not have the same design, these tires are the ones of the E-maxx brushless, all the hobby stores were I went here in South Miami did not have the E-Revo tires..

    Anyways, I put the E-Maxx tires in the rear and the E-revo tires in the front, the truck looked very nice.

    I took it again to Tropical park and took it to the max, but the new tires again went like a donut and blew up.

    I have destroyed 4 tires in 2 weeks.

    I bought the ERBE, and paid 799 dollars plus tax for it because I wanted to take it to that speed but never knew the parts of the truck could not hold that speed. If I wanted a slow car that only supports 2S lipo I would not have paid that amount of money.

    I love this truck, it is a rush of adrenaline, and want to keep it, but I do not want to spend money on tires every week, my question is ... is there a tire that can be used on grass which can resist 3S lipos?

    I do not use my truck on pavement, what wheels/tires can I buy? Wheels/tires that resist 3S lipo speeds and jumps. Are there any tires and wheels that do not open where the joint between the wheel and the tire is.

    Also, what spur gear can resist 3s Lipo batteries? I melted 1 and other went teeth-less.

    Pardon my English, where I live Spanish is the first language.

    Your help will be appreciated.

    Everybody in the park, and I literally mean over 50 people stopped what they were doing at the park to see my truck go ballistic. This truck cuts the grass, jumps, does back flips, it is so amazing. A guy offered me money today to purchase my truck, right there in the park.

    I would like to know about wheels/tires and spur gears that can resist that speed.

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