I was charging a 4200 mAh 3s LiFe battery and my charger showed 4400 mAh and it was still charging. Normally this battery peaks at 10.80v (charger showing mAh <= 4200) and this time it was only showing 10.67v (charger showing mAh = 4400).

No sign of puffing or damage but I stopped charging the battery for saftey reasons and thought I would ask for advice.

I do not run a lvc with my LiFe but have never seen this happen. I have read that LiFe cells shouldn't fall below 2.4-2.5v threshold. My battery showed 7.85v when I put it on the charger so I didn't run below spec.

Should I put it back on the charger and watch it closely? Any thoughts on why the charge is exceeding capacity?