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    Erevo BL or MT4 G3

    I am contemplating on whether to get an erevo brushless or an MT4 G3. I know that this is an erevo forum, so I"ll get a lot of people who support erevo. But i would like to hear from those who own both. 45% of my driving is on road.45% light bashing, while 10% heavy bashing. I do not drive my trucks carefully, but instead very vigorously. I would like a truck that is fast, yet durable. Please advise. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Low Yi Dah View Post
    I do not drive my trucks carefully, but instead very vigorously.
    Look around this forum and you will see that those who really drive their ERBE's hard have issues with the drive train.

    The ERBE does not have 1/8 scale drive line components. And it takes quite a bit of money and custom work to bring the ERBE up to 1/8 scale durability.

    *I'm not bashing those who have done so, this is a hobby and I like to tinker too, but.
    Those who have gone through the trouble of upgrading the diffs, cvd's, motor mounts, chassis, braces, swaybars, etc. . . Should have just got an 1/8 E-Truggy and been done with it.

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    hey that mg4 is only 600 bucks over here where as erevo is 1000 bucks
    wonder if the erevo is 400 bucks better

    anyway i doubt ill be allowed to get another rc hehehe

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    In terms of speed, durability, handling, fun factor, acceleration, etc, which is better?

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    Not going to be much help, things to look at..

    Power supply ~ motor & ESC
    Spare Parts & Availability, after market & stock
    GL2U.... Revo
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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