Hello everyone,

Last Friday I bought my son (four years old) a 1/16 scale Grave Digger. He absolutely loves it and played with it all day yesterday.

One thing I'm not crazy about is the lack of foam in the tires. The tires are really soft and I think the wheels will be easily damaged when he runs over something hard and pointy such as the curb drain in front of my house (I've actually damaged wheels like this myself). Does anyone know what part number foam will fit these mini Monster Jam replica rims and tires?

For now I have him running on the rims/tires for my MERV. This is working fine for him driving it on the street in front of our house but when we hit the dirt I want to run the wheels that came on it. Plus, besides being too short, the MERV wheels don't look right with the Digger body.

Thanks for the help!