This is a thread I wanted to start to help answer any questions about upgrading to Hot Bodies D8 shocks.
I was tired of bottoming out hard on big jumps, so I decided to do something about it. It was either between these shocks, or the Team Associated SC10 4x4 shocks. Both I heard were very good, seemed very high quality, and cost around the same price.

Hot Bodies D8's
-8th Scale size & strength
-More shock body volume
-Bleed hole
-Metal Shock Caps
-Comes built in 97mm & 112mm sets

SC10 4x4 Shocks
-Less oil per shock
-Bleed Screw
-Plastic Shock Caps
-Comes as a kit with 30 or 26mm shock bodies

I decided to go with the D8's. I ordered 2 sets of 97mm for $40 each. Both in one pack come built, with a baggy full of mounting screws and 2 stand-offs. Got them from RCHobbies4Life.


3 Front Options:

1. Just 97mm shocks on the stock front shock tower without changes. It will fit, but you have to mount them with the outer A-arm wholes. Not much ajustability.

2. 97mm up front using shortened rod ends and Kyosho spring cup. Takes minor modding and added time to wait for the other order. Will make the D8s a little longer than stock fronts.

3. Rear Shock Tower mod. Lets you run the shocks without changes and gives you back the ajustability.

Rear Options

1. Stock D8 setup works fine on the rear.
2. Stock setup with longer D8t shock ends. If you want a higher ride height.


With rear shock tower mod, front shocks use the stand-offs on the top, flush on the bottom.

D8 97mm next to Traxxas Rear Big Bores. Notice they are the same length.