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    Fitted: KB aluminum red anodized Brembo brake calipers & discs (VIDEO!)

    Hi all,

    Just to add to the insanity I've fitted my KB with aluminum red anodized Brembo brake calipers and discs. Of course, it's for show and they don't really work however I think it's a nice addition to the look'n'feel of this car.

    Took me a bit of time with the Dremel to sand and drill into the plastic knuckles to make everything fit. Ran into a couple of issues:
    - The caliper mounting bracket is a bigger diameter than the knuckles axle hole.
    - The 3 mm offset of the wheels was a bit of an issue as the caliper didn't clear the inside of the spokes. - Also the axle is not quite long enough the allow the additional parts so I sanded a bit off the surface (can't make the axle longer so I made the knuckles shorter).

    But as you can see, it works. Hope you enjoyed this video


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    Looks great! Btw, the problem with these accesories is that they are ment for 1/10 on-road cars, not for the 1/16...
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    Yes very nice! These same fitment issues crop up on some 1/10 scale cars as well. To be fair, we are running 1/10th scale wheels/tires/suspension bits...just a shortened chassis really. Gives our cars a sort of cartoonish look.

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    That looks Great! how do you like that g190?
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    Yes, running 1/10 components is indeed why I figured it would probably fit with some modifications on the KB. Really love working on this, more than I initially thought. Technology has come a loooong way since my last R/C car about 12 years ago

    My drifting 'skills' are not even close to how Ken Block handles his real car... So to help me out a bit I've added the gyro. I have it set to 50% now and it definitely works its magic to chain drifts together. Especially with the Falken drift tires.

    I find the supplied wheels/tires (although they look great) and the short chassis to unstable for long slides without the gyro. Of course mostly due to my handling.

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    that looks pretty snazzy. good job
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