OK heres problem. Well i started by breaking the connecting rod, which had put a little dent in the side of the piston ...So i decided to get new connecting rod with new piston & sleeve. Well after following all the engine rebuild intructions with intense care... I have discovered that the new piston and sleeve are not fitting each other properly (too tight). So when everything is back together, leaving the head off I can't turn the crankshaft a full revolution. The piston falls short of TDC by about 1mm. Not sure if it is a defect of the product or it is correct and I should just finish putting it back together try and start it, which i am very doubtful of doing. I thought maybe i could use the old sleeve which wasn't damaged when the connecting rod broke. I have tried new piston in the old sleeve and it seems fine, it is tight aswell but it does make it to TDC.

Any comment would be greatly appreciated